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Glen Taylor is a multi-cultural school with around 260 students from Year 1 – Year 8. We have a very dedicated and passionate staff who all work together on the shared goal of raising student achievement. The students at GTS are very supportive of each other and work together to create an environment which is safe where everyone is confident and able to reach their full potential.
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Home, Glen Taylor SchoolPrincipal’s Welcome

Welcome to Glen Taylor School!

My name is Chris Herlihy and I am lucky enough to be the principal of Glen Taylor School. I have been here since April 2015. I am born and bred in the Waikato. I attended Waikato University where I gained a Diploma of Teaching and a Bachelor of Education. I then moved to Auckland and was a Year 5/6 Teacher at Fruitvale School in West Auckland. While I was working there I was lucky enough to win a Fulbright Scholarship where I got to do my Masters in Economics and Entrepreneurship for Educators at the University of Delware in the USA. I then got the job as Deputy Principal at Kelston Primary School before winning the job here at GTS.


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Annual Report

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Latest Notifications

2021 Glen Taylor School Covid – 19 Health and Safety Plan: Level 3 Step 2

Sun Nov 28 05:03pm

Kia ora whanau

2021 Glen Taylor School Covid – 19 Health and Safety Plan Level 3 Step 2

Here is our Health and Safety Plan for our return to school next Tuesday.

Please take the time to read what it involves and for the safety of us all please follow all instructions in the plan.

Please note that Year 5 – 8 Learners are required to wear masks while inside. If you can’t supply your child with a mask the school will provide one.

*. Glen Taylor School will be open to all learners from Tuesday 30 November (it is very important that you complete the Google Form letting us know if your child/ren will be returning – Returning to School Form https://forms.gle/XADoZpB1d5W2faEr5
*. NO PARENTS/CAREGIVERS are allowed to enter the school grounds without prior permission from the office. Please use the intercom at the school gate if you wish to enter. PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED IF WE ASK THAT YOU STAY OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL GROUNDS.
*. Anyone who does enter the school grounds is required to scan in using our QR Code Posters and the NZ COVID Tracer App
*. We ask that Parents/Caregivers DO NOT congregate outside the school gate and wear masks as well as keeping 2 metres apart from each other.
*. School Lunches will resume on Tuesday

Students Not Returning
*. Parents who are choosing to keep their children home are able to contact the school to arrange a Hard learning Pack.

Teachers will no longer be hosting Google Meets for those learning from home.

As always please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Kia Kaha



Thu Nov 25 08:38pm


Kia ora whanau

We have done it!!  I am pleased to say that we will be back on site here at GTS from Tuesday 30 November.

We understand that many of you will still feel anxious about sending your children back to school which we fully understand and respect any decisions you make.  I do ask that everyone completes the Return to School Google Form so we can get an idea of how many kids will be coming back.  Thank you to the 46 people who have already completed it.  https://forms.gle/xqaiPxrJBekhAwhG8

More detailed information will be coming out tomorrow in the GTS Health and Safety Plan.

We look forward to seeing those of you who come back to school.  Those who will not be returning please contact the office to arrange a Hard Learning Pack to be sent to you.


That applies to both school owned and learner owned so we can do a stocktake.  Those with learner owned devices will then have the option to have it sent home over the holidays or kepot here at school.

*. Students who are 12 years and over are able to attend if they are unvaccinated, however we strongly recommend you start the vaccination process if you haven’t yet done so.
*. ALL Glen Taylor School Staff are double vaccinated and will have returned a negative test prior to returning to school.
*. Glen Taylor has a clear procedure if there was to be a confirmed case in the community.
*. Year 4 – 8 Learners are required to wear a mask while inside. If you are unable to provide your child with one the school will provide them. We will encourage all Year 4 – 8 learners to wear their masks correctly at all times while inside.
*. Although at some point we will move to the Traffic Light System the Public Health Measures that are currently in place will remain for the remainder of the school year.
*. All children will be in a Bubble. That Bubble will be their class and their classroom teacher both indoors and outside.
*. There will be no mixing of Bubbles and Social Distancing of one metre inside and two metres outside will be encouraged by staff throughout the day.
*. All indoor spaces will be well ventilated by opening all windows and doors throughout the day.
*. We ask that all children are dropped off between 8:15 and 8:45am. Staff will be at the gate to ensure there is appropriate social distancing as children enter the school.
*. At the end of the day there will be a staggered finish. Individual classes will be dismissed at 2 minute intervals. Teachers will walk with the children to the front gate. Those who need to wait for younger siblings may do so in a set area.
*. NO PARENTS/CAREGIVERS are allowed to enter the school grounds without prior permission from the office. Please use the intercom at the school gate if you wish to enter. PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED IF WE ASK THAT YOU STAY OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL GROUNDS.
*. Anyone who does enter the school grounds is required to scan in using our QR Code Posters and the NZ COVID Tracer App
*. We ask that Parents/Caregivers DO NOT congregate outside the school gate and wear masks as well as keeping 2 metres apart from each other.
*. The programme will be based on an Art Project and use of the following areas within the school.
Swimming Pool
Bike Track
*. All activities are timetabled and supervised.
*. Any learners who are not attending school are encouraged to contact the school to arrange a Hard Learning Pack to work on at home.
*. School Lunches will resume on Tuesday 30 November
*. After-school care cannot operate at this current alert level setting, as it would mean mixing of groups and household bubbles, which would put too many people at risk should someone attending the programme be confirmed with COVID-19.
*. All assemblies and prizegivings will be online.

If you have questions or concerns, you can contact me by phone or email.

Kia Kaha


Thu Nov 25 12:48pm




Do you know of any children or families who could use a hand-up through the Kiwi Kid Sponsorship Programme? If so, please encourage them to apply online. Getting organised now means that Variety has enough time to process the child’s application and to find them a sponsor in time for the new school year. 

Variety’s online applications are easy to complete and all children from 4-17 who are NZ citizens or residents, are eligible. There is also no limit to the number of children from one family who can be sponsored. Siblings of children already on Kiwi Kid Sponsorship, can be signed up using the Sibling Request Form.

If you know of any children who would benefit from Kiwi Kid Sponsorship, please encourage their parents and caregivers to sign them up before the Christmas break.




Wed Nov 24 05:33pm

These are new and updated packs with a lot of excellent learning material in them.

They can be collected from the office
Monday – Friday
9am – 3pm

Kia Kaha


Wed Nov 24 12:33pm

Kia ora whanau

We are collecting the vaccination status of our students who are 12 years old and over. We would appreciate it if you and your child could complete this google form.
If you have any questions please contact me at chrish@glentaylor.school.nz

**Please note you will need to sign in using your child’s GTS Email Account

Kia Kaha


GTS Student 12+ Vaccination Form

GTS Return to School Survey

Tue Nov 23 05:48pm

Kia ora whanau

With our return to school fast approaching I have created a very short 1 question survey that I would greatly appreciate if you could complete.

The question asks: Will your child/ren be returning to school before the end of the school year – 14 December 2021? (First day being Tuesday 30 November)


Any questions please contact me at chrish@glentaylor.school.nz

Kia Kaha

Amnesty! Please return all GTS library books for stocktake. The office is open 9-3 each day for drop off. Thank you 🙂

Fri Nov 19 10:55am

Hard Learning Packs

Thu Nov 18 12:02pm

Hard Learning Packs will be available to be collected from school today (Thursday 18 Nov) from 12:00pm – 2:30pm
Please follow the social distancing requirements and wear your masks when entering the school grounds.




Thu Nov 18 09:58am

Here’s a great opportunity to hear some great speakers who will be very entertaining. Thanks ATWC for this opportunity.

You will remember Pio from our whanau evening a couple of years back.


GTS RETURN TO SCHOOL DETAILS  After much consideration I can now let you know how GTS will be handling our return to school.

Tue Nov 16 02:48pm



Monday 15 November – Friday 26 November

Online Home Learning will continue as we have been with Google Meets at 10am and 2pm. 

Monday 29 November

Teacher Only Day to prepare for opening the school.

Google Meets will only be at 10am

Tuesday 30 November


Details of what this will look like will follow, however we are hoping to be able to open to the whole school.

ALL Devices and chargers to be returned to school for stocktake (Learner owned and school owned)

Tuesday 14 December

Last day of school for the year

Tuesday 8 February

First day of 2022

If Online Home Learning is going to be an issue for your family, please email me at chrish@glentaylor.school.nz so we can discuss options for your children.  We are here to support your whānau anyway we can.


Goal:  Give the kids the opportunity to socialise and rebuild relationships with each other and their teachers in a safe environment.  

Goal:  To farewell our Year 8’s the way they deserve to be farewelled.

We have worked very hard to get our online learning working so effectively and with the launch of our latest competition we feel it is the best way for the next 2 weeks.  During those 2 weeks we will be planning an awesome programme for all the kids when we get back onsite at GTS.  It will be full of fun, creative, engaging, team building, relationship building stuff.  There will be NO Chromebooks, NO iPads.

The swimming pool, bike track, whare kai, field and hall will all be used extensively.

We hope that by 30 November (as long as the vaccine rates are at 90%) we should be able to open to everyone without having to worry about who can and can’t attend.  If for some reason we still have restrictions then we will be prepared to ensure we follow all the safety guidelines.

The feedback we have received from you is that there is still some nervousness about Covid and kids attending school.  As a result of this feedback we truly feel this plan is the most effective and safe way to reintroduce our kids back into the school environment. 

I will continue to update you with any news and information that comes to hand.  I really appreciate your support and patience.  This has been a very difficult time for us all and if we do what is best for our tamariki then hopefully we will enjoy getting back to whatever the new normal will look like, including having our kids at school in person with their mates and teachers.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  chrish@glentaylor.school.nz 


Kia Kaha



Mon Nov 15 07:16pm

Kia ora whanau

We are starting to look at class lists for 2022.
If you would like to make requests or discuss your child’s placement in 2022 please email me at chrish@glentaylor.school.nz and we will organise a time to meet.

2022 Classes/Year Groups/Teachers

Rm 2     Year 1       Tania Botha
Rm 3     Year 1-2    Mandy Hu
Rm 4     Year 1-2    Dee Karl
Rm 5     Year5-6     Manpreet Dhaliwal
Rm 6     Year 5-6    Pia Sok
Rm 8     Year 3-4    Brittany Smith
Rm 9     Year 3-4    Elena Terekhina
Rm 10   Year 3-4    Karika Dormehl
Rm 11    Year 7-8   Christine Tupou Fonua
Rm 12    Year 6-7   Ronil Raj
Rm 13    Year 7-8   Mary Fonua

Look forward to hearing from you if you have anything to discuss.

Kia Kaha

Great deals at Torpedo 7. Feel free to share far and wide.

Mon Nov 15 02:03pm

Torpedo 7 Poster


Mon Nov 15 12:14pm

Hard Learning Packs will be available to be collected from school today (Monday) from 12:30pm – 3:00pm

Please follow the social distancing requirements and wear your masks when entering the school grounds.

Kia Kaha


Sun Nov 14 08:18pm

As we announced at assembly today we are starting the Great GTS Online Learning Challenge on Monday.

All you have to do is turn up to every google meet for the next 2 weeks and each time you join you will get an entry into the Super Draw on December 10.
Check out the promo video and poster.
– $10,000 worth of prizes!!
– 40″ HD TV
– Chromebooks
– I-pads
– Vouchers for all sorts of places
– Pool Parties
– Plus much much more!!

Let’s get involved and make this the most successful two weeks of online learning we have seen yet!!

Promo Poster

Promo Video


Thu Nov 11 09:11pm

Hard Learning Packs will be available to be collected from school tomorrow (Friday) from 9am – 2:30pm.

Please follow the social distancing requirements and wear your masks when entering the school grounds.

Huge thanks to those who were able to make it up to school today to collect theirs.

Kia Kaha


Thu Nov 11 06:03pm

Financial support for struggling families. If times are tough as they are for so many of us, this is a great opportunity to get some support. Please make the most of it if you need.


It’s been a tough year for many: we know that as a result of alert level restrictions, many families have had either no work or reduced work and have therefore had a significant drop in income.

If you know any families needing help with putting food or kai on the table or paying an overdue bill, support may be available from the Ministry of Social Development.

Understanding this is an expensive time of year for families, income limits for hardship assistance have been increased from 1 November 2021 until 28 February 2022.

If you know of any families finding things tough financially, Work and Income have an online check what you might get guide. https://check.msd.govt.nz/

You’ll need to answer some simple questions about your situation, then Work and Income will let you know if there are any payments you can get. It only takes about five minutes to check what you might get, and you don’t need to be getting a benefit to be eligible.

Your answers are completely confidential, and they won’t be saved or used in any way. Alternatively, call 0800 559 009.


Thu Nov 11 02:42pm

Week 4 Assembly: Friday 11am. Hosted by none other but the remarkable Room 2.

Use the following link to access the assembly.



Thu Nov 11 10:24am

Kia ora whanau

Many of you will have seen the announcement that schools can re-open from November 15.  It is unlikely GTS will be opening on this date.

As you know at GTS we are all about what is best for our kids, staff and community.  We are currently working with many different agencies to ensure that any decision we make is in the best interest of us all.  This will take time and we appreciate your understanding and support.

Home Learning (that we have been doing with such great success) will continue while we develop our plan.  I will update you as soon as possible with confirmed dates and plans and processes.  I hope to be able to confirm this with you by Monday at the latest.

If any of your circumstances have changed and more support for your child is needed please contact me on chrish@glentaylor.school.nz to discuss some options.

Kia Kaha



Thu Nov 11 09:51am

Kia Ora Whanau

We now have stock of new and improved hard learning packs. These will be available for collection today (Thursday) from 12:30pm – 3:30pm.
It will be a contactless pick up. Please come with your child’s name (hopefully you know that!), Room Number and Year Group.
Please keep 2m apart from anyone while lining up to receive your pack/s.

Kia Kaha

Covid: Returning to School Survey

Tue Nov 09 03:06pm

Kia ora whanau
With the government making a decision next week about when we will return to school it dawned on me that nobody has consulted directly with whanau about their concerns and what supports are needed.
I am working with DHB and MOE and have created a short survey where you can express your concerns and let us know what supports you need.
Please take some time to completed the survey below. It would be great if you could have it done by Wednesday.
Also feel free to share with others outside the GTS Community. The more voices we hear from the better prepared we will be to make informed decisions about opening of schools.
Kia Kaha


GTS Assembly Link: Week 3

Thu Nov 04 04:54pm

Week 3 GTS Assembly
This weeks assembly is being hosted by none other than Room 8
11am Friday 5 November
Use the following link:


Week 3 GTS Assembly

Thu Nov 04 04:34pm

This weeks assembly is being hosted by none other than Room 8
11am Friday 5 November
Use the following link:

Tamaki College are holding a 2 day Vaccination Drive. 11 – 12 November. Details in the links below.

Tue Nov 02 12:03pm

A great opportunity to get vaccinated. 11 – 12 November at Tamaki College.




PASIFIKA FONO ON COVID AND CHILD WELLBEING – Tuesday 2 November, 7pm – 8pm. See the poster below for details.

Mon Nov 01 10:03am

Here is an amazing opportunity to hear from some of our Pasifika Leaders aboput Covid and Child Wellbeing. I strongly urge you all to make some trime to join the zoom meeting. That includes our non-pasifika whanau.
Pasifika Fono Poster

Covid Drive Through Event – Friday and Saturday. Check out the poster below

Fri Oct 29 08:56am

Why wouldn’t you go get jabbed?? Cash prizes!!



Thu Oct 28 05:14pm



Thu Oct 28 09:21am

Kia ora whanau

I am writing to you following the Government’s announcement that plans are underway to support the return to onsite learning for our schools who are in Alert Level 3 areas and to do this in a way that is as safe as possible.

The restrictions of Alert Level 3 and 4 have been a real challenge to the wellbeing of our tamariki and whānau and we have heard from many of you that your tamariki are keen to see their friends and teachers kanohi ki te kanohi.

You can be reassured that any decisions about bringing more children and staff on-site will be done in accordance with strict public health guidance – so what on-site learning will look like will be different than Alert Level 2 or Alert Level 1 settings.

The earliest a return to school will happen is 15 November, and we will provide more information about this closer to the time. I can assure you that all our decisions will be in the best interests of the kids. As updates come to hand I will continue to update you with the details.

In the meantime, vaccination and testing remains the best thing we can do to keep whānau and our community as safe as possible. COVID-19 is finding those who are unvaccinated in this outbreak.

For this current outbreak (as at 25 October), 224 people have been hospitalised with only 6 (<3%) of these people fully vaccinated. Of the 2,681 cases in the outbreak, 1,984 (74%) had not received one dose of the vaccine (541 were not eligible for vaccination as they were under 12).

We need to look after our most vulnerable people, and it is great to see our community vaccination rates continue to go up. There are also now three million New Zealanders fully vaccinated – which is fantastic news!

Please do encourage your friends and whānau who might be worried about the vaccine to seek good information from health practitioners, so they can make a well-informed decision.

Ngā mihi

Kia Kaha

Link for tonights Q&A with Chris

Wed Oct 27 05:57pm


REMINDER: It’s Tonight at 6pm GTS Q&A with Chris Wednesday 27 October 6pm

Wed Oct 27 02:46pm

This is an opportunity to meet with Chris and ask any questions you may have about what school will look like for the rest of the year. We can discuss things like assessments, reports, end of year events, will we back at school etc.
Use this link to access the meet

GTS Q&A with Chris – 6pm Wednesday 27October

Tue Oct 26 06:18pm

This is an opportunity to meet with Chris and ask any questions you may have about what school will look like for the rest of the year. We can discuss things like assessments, reports, end of year events, will we back at school etc.

Use this link to access the meet


GTS UPDATE – Please read the updates below.

Mon Oct 25 06:02pm


Good Evening GTS WhanauTrust you all had a relaxing weekend and have enjoyed your day off today.

Just wanted to touch base with you all and update you with how things are going at GTS.

*. I want to thank all of our staff who have been amazing in getting online learning back up and running last week, especially as we were all hoping to be back at school. Please support all this hard work by ensuring your child attends both Google Meets 10am and 2pm daily (no Friday afternoon Meets)

*. As you would have heard in the media we will continue to do online learning until 90% of Auckland has been double vaccinated. I urge you to get your vaccinations if you haven’t done so already. Those who have I thank you.

*. Many of you may have some questions about school and what is happening for the remainder of the year. Questions around assessments, reports, will we be back etc. So on Wednesday at 6pm I will host a Q&A via Google Meets where you can come along and ask anything you may have questions about. I will send another post with the link to the meet.

*. This Friday 29 October there will be no Google Meets or Assembly as all our staff will be attending the Manaiakalani Wananga (Online). This is where we get to look at our data for the year, hear from our Innovative Teachers and start to plan for 2022. Each class will have work on their site that your child can carry on with.

*. We have blocked off all entrances to the school. You are not allowed to come onto the school grounds without prior permission from the principal. This is for the safety of the whole community. Please understand and respect this decision.

*. Finally a reminder that what we are going through is a first. Remember to look after yourselves, get outside and enjoy the fresh air, talk with your whanau and remember all you can do is your best. You will have good days and bad days. You are not the only one that has this range of feelings and emotions. Everyone is in the same boat. If you need support ASK FOR IT!!!

Kia Kaha


Thu Oct 21 08:03am

REMINDER: The Covid Vaccination Bus will be at GTS TODAY from 9am – 3pm. If you need to get your 1st or 2nd shot pleaser come down and let the team look after you.
Let’s all work to keep the GTS Whanau safe!!


Term 4 Week 1 Assembly

Thu Oct 21 07:33am

Friday 11am

Our hosts this week will be the student leaders.
You can join us using this link:



Wed Oct 20 08:18pm

Here is a great and free opportunity to up skill yourself in all things digital. Your kids are certainly doing amazing things digitally so here is your chance to keep up with them.


Covid Vaccination Bus at GTS Thursday 9am – 3pm.

Tue Oct 19 08:33pm

This Thursday 21 October Glen Taylor School will have the Covid Vaccine Bus onsite from 9am – 3pm. If you have not yet had your first jab or are able to get your second jab simply come on down to the school and the team will make sure you are looked after.

It doesn’t get much easier than this. We bring the bus to you!!

Covid Vaccination Bus Poster

Here is a link to get your vaccination records online. Feel free to share far and wide.

Sun Oct 17 10:25am


HOME LEARNING STARTS MONDAY – All classes will have their Google Meets at 10am and 2pm

Sun Oct 17 09:18am

Kia ora whanau

Term 4 starts tomorrow and as we have done so successfully before we will once again be Home Learning.


We will be trialling new times for the online Google Meets.

We expect that ALL Learners will be online for both Meets.

We are keen to hear feedback about how these go.


I am sure you have all taken very good care of the devices over the holidays. If however you have any issues with your child’s device please contact us so we can assist in ensuring all learners are online for their Google Meets.

I know these are difficult times and I want to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support. We certainly have a wonderful GTS Community who have worked together to ensure our kids have the best opportunities to continue to learn in these uncertain times. I will ensure that you are kept up to date with any new information that comes to hand.

If you need any help or support please feel free to contact me at chrish@glentaylor.school.nz

Kia Kaha


Thu Oct 14 09:03pm

Kia ora whanau
Apologies for the long update, however it is full of very important information that you need to know.

I hope you have been having a restful and relaxing holiday and enjoying spending quality time with your family. Please make sure you get plenty of R&R this week as we build up for what will no doubt be a crazy end to the year.
Like me, I am sure you were disappointed with the announcement yesterday that schools will not open next week for the start of Term 4. All the GTS staff were excited to get back on site and start catching up with all the kids again.

We are proud of how our community has responded to this outbreak, but the mahi isn’t yet done. Please continue to follow all the alert level requirements including staying at home and getting tested for COVID-19 if you are feeling unwell, and for your own sake and for the health of your whānau, please get vaccinated. I have included some information about vaccinations to support decision making. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OCbH-nE2YaUJ4IwWjiDkl6nvNrMZW336/edit
Summary of what we know about schools from yesterdays announcements
School at Level 3
At full Alert Level 3 you legally must stay within your household bubble unless for essential personal movement, including going to work and going to school. We are therefore open once more on Monday for only the small number of children who need to attend. All our usual safety precautions for Alert Level 3 will be in place which include all the recommendations from the public health experts. This means students will be kept in bubbles of no more than 10.
If you are unable to provide suitable care for your children you must email me at chrish@glentaylor.school.nz You need to include the following information:
Parents Name
Childs Name
Childs Room Number
Reason child will need to attend school
Please be aware that online learning will continue as we have been doing throughout all lockdowns. All of our previous Level 3 Lockdowns you have supported the school and we have not had any learners onsite which has given us the time to deep clean the school, ensure the grounds are up to standard and that we can put into place our plans for Level 2 when we expect to see all learners onsite.
Once we have received any requests for onsite learning I will contact you with what it will look like.
Teacher Vaccinations/Testing
As was confirmed yesterday all teachers will need to be fully vaccinated by the beginning of 2022. This will apply to all staff at GTS. Along with this all staff must have returned a negative Covid Test before they can be onsite with kids this year. Any teacher who is not fully vaccinated will need to return weekly negative tests for the remainder of the year.
Masks are not required to be worn by learners. You may get your child to wear a mask however it will not be possible for the staff to ensure that they are worn by your child throughout the day.

I will continue to update you with information as it comes to hand. In the meantime please get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at chrish@glentaylor.school.nz

Kia Kaha

Calling all our Pacific Youth of Aotearoa #RepYourVillage – Pacific Youth Fono on Covid-19 Vaccine

Fri Oct 01 10:03am


The Ministry for Pacific Peoples are bringing the village together again this Friday to continue the talanoa. This will be an opportunity for youth to receive information, ask questions, and raise any concerns they have about the Covid-19 vaccine.

We will have Pacific scientists, Chris Puli’uvea (Immunologist and PhD candidate) and Dr. Natalie Netzler (Virologist) from the University of Auckland, presenting on the science behind the vaccine and to talanoa on vaccine hesitancy.

Please find the information attached to share with your youth networks.

Jump on and #RepYourVillage!

 Date: Friday 1 October

Time: 7.00pm – 8.15pm

Registration link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/ meeting/register/ tZwsfuuhrj8vGdey-Z32- cKKu12zBJNdVCJs


Thu Sep 30 01:48pm

Good Afternoon Whanau

As we draw to the end of Term 3 we are excited to announce the End of Term Principal’s Assembly – DP/AP Assembly.
A combined effort from our leadership team.

This week we are altogether at 11am.

We will use the following link:

Come prepared to be entertained.

New Challenge Alert!

Mon Sep 27 10:31am

Thank you for sharing your amazing creations with us the last couple of weeks for our #familycreatecompetition. You are all, in the words of Tina Turner ‘simply the best’. 

Help us capture what you, our amazing GTS whanau get up to while in lockdown. All the simple, repetitive, random, amazing things that you do every day. 

Your video can be long or short – whatever you’d like to share with us. 

Once in, all entries will be used to create a short film titled 
A DAY IN THE LIFE OF … GTS WHANAU #LOCKDOWN that we hope to share on the last assembly of the term.

If you have any questions, please email potof@glentaylor.school.nz

A day in the life of…gts whanau #lockdown – information

Fa’afetai Lava,

Poto F 

Week 9 Assemblies

Wed Sep 22 07:05pm

Year 5 – 8: 11am Friday – hosted by Room 13
Year 1 – 4: 12pm Friday – hosted by Room 10

Both assemblies can be accessed using the following link:


Mon Sep 20 04:10pm

Kia Ora Whanau

Just a quick message to let you know that there will be no online google meets with the teachers tomorrow (Tuesday). There will be work on the class sites to carry on with.
We will be back to normal times on Wednesday.

I will update you all about what things will look like at GTS after the announcement this afternoon.

Kia Kaha


Thu Sep 16 12:38pm

Year 5 – 8 Assembly: 11am hosted by Room 11
Year 1 – 4 Assembly: 12pm hosted by Room 4
Both assemblies can be accessed using this link: meet.google.com/fwt-nmpi-auf
Look forward to seeing you there!


Thu Sep 16 12:31pm

Kia ora whanau

As we look to returning to Level 3 next week we need to start planning for how we will reintroduce learners back to school.

When we do move to Alert Level 3, you legally must stay within your household bubble unless for essential personal movement, including going to work and going to school.

While we know how difficult it is trying to work from home as well as support your child’s learning, please keep your child at home if there is an appropriate carer available. For those of you with no other option, we will look forward to seeing your child at school next week.

If you don’t have any appropriate carer at home you MUST email the following details so we can start to prepare how we will manage any learners onsite.

Parents Name
Childs Name
Childs Room Number
Reason child will need to attend school

Please be aware that online learning will continue as we have been doing throughout all lockdowns. All of ur previous Level 3 Lockdowns you have supported the school and we have not had any learners onsite which has given us the time to deep clean the school, ensure the grounds are up to standard and that we can put into place our plans for Level 2 when we expect to see all learners onsite.

Once we have received any requests for onsite learning I will contact you with what it will look like.

Finally I want o say a HUGE THANK YOU to you all for your support during the latest lockdown. By sticking to your bubbles means we will be able to get back to some normality sooner rather than later.

Kia kaha


Thu Sep 16 10:32am

Kia Ora Whanau,

Entries close tomorrow (Friday) at 10am and winners announced at assemblies so be sure to get your entries in before then. 

If you want to see the entries we’ve had so far – check out the school Instagram page and give a like to the posts that you see. 

Poto F 


Kia ora whanau I will be onsite at GTS from 11am – 2pm tomorrow (Wednesday) for any issues with devices or to collect hard learning packs.

Tue Sep 14 06:19pm

Please come up during this time if you require any assistance.
Kia Kaha


Mon Sep 13 06:45pm

Kia ora whanau

As you will have heard we will be staying at Level 4 until 11:59pm next Tuesday 21 September.
Our amazing teachers will continue to provide the twice daily online lessons.
I will be in touch later in the week to update you on what Level 3 will look like at GTS.
In the meantime keep up the amazing work you are all doing at home. It is not easy but I am very proud of the whole GTS Whanau.

Kia kaha

Enrolment Zone Meeting

Mon Sep 13 11:18am

Tonight at 6pm
Use the following link: meet.google.com/tqb-mbie-nwq

Bring along any questions you may have.

Year 4 – 8 Assembly

Fri Sep 10 10:45am

This weeks Year 4 – 8 Assembly. Thanks to Room 6 for putting it altogether.

This weeks assemblies:

Thu Sep 09 08:30pm

Room 6 are recording their assembly and the link will be sent out tomorrow.
Room 9 will be hosting the Year 1 – 4 Assembly live at 12pm using the following link.


Thu Sep 09 05:48pm

Kia ora whanau

The Ministry of Education is developing an enrolment scheme for Glen Taylor School, which will be in effect for the beginning of term 1 in 2022. Having an enrolment scheme in place will ensure the Board of Trustees has a fair and transparent mechanism to manage the roll as it grows. Children that live within this area will have entitlement to enrol at Glen Taylor School.

What does this mean for my family?
If you live in enrolment scheme home area for Glen Taylor School you will be entitled to enrol your child at the school. This entitlement applies to new students starting school, as well as any primary school aged children currently attending another school in the area.
Families who live outside the enrolment scheme home zone of Glen Taylor School do not have entitlement to enrol and could only attend if the Board of Trustees planned to enrol any out of zone students. The enrolment scheme will establish the process for this, and places will only be available if the Board of Trustees considers it has the capacity to allow for this. Further information about whether any out of zone places will be made available will be made later in 2021.

Consultation is currently underway. If you have any feedback for the Ministry of Education you can have your say by:
• Completing the survey at https://consultation.education.govt.nz/education/tamaki-primaries-enrolment-schemes/consultation/intro/
• Emailing auckland.enrolmentschemes@education.govt.nz if you have further questions or comments

Attached are some information sheets.

Glen Taylor School Proposed ES Factsheet

Proposed Map

Glen Taylor School Proposed Written Description

I will be hosting an information evening through Google Meets on Monday 13 September at 6pm. The link for the meet will be sent out soon.

Kia Kaha

Online Jump Jam and Mindfulness Sessions with Mrs Dhaliwal at 11am. Join by clicking on Room 5’s Google Meet link.

Thu Sep 09 09:59am

Kia Ora everyone, Hope you all are well. I have been running an online Jump Jam and Mindfulness session for the past few weeks now and many staff members and students have expressed to me that they would join but 12 pm does not suit them. So, I have changed the time. From today the online Jump Jam and Mindfulness session will be at 11 am. It is for 20 to 25 minutes only and we move together and do some mindfulness. If you wish to join in then please click on Room 5’s Google Meet link.

Famly Create Competition

Wed Sep 08 08:03pm

It’s time to get your CREATE on!

You have 2 weeks to create something with your family. A lot of you are already creating stuff during lockdown, so all we’re asking is for you to capture these moments and send it in to entries@glentaylor.school.nz. There are two different age brackets, so if you have children across these ages then you have more chances to win.

Starts: Monday 6th September
Ends: Friday 17th September 10am

For more chances of winning, go ahead and follow our school Instagram page and vote for your favourite entries.

All the information you need to know is on the poster.
Family Create Competition Poster

Good luck and it’s time to create!

Rms 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 Assembly on NOW!

Fri Sep 03 12:10pm

Link here


Rms 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 is at 12pm. Use the same link above

Friday Assemblies

Thu Sep 02 06:56pm

Good Evening Whanau

Friday’s Assemblies will be a bit different this week. Because we can only have 100 people on a meet at any time we will be running two assemblies.

Room 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 will be at 11am. This assembly will be run by Room 5.

Room 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 will be at 12pm. This assembly will be run by Room 1.

Both assemblies will use this link:

Look forward to seeing you all there.

Also a reminder there will be no afternoon classes tomorrow.

Kia Kaha


Tue Aug 31 09:45pm

Good Evening Whanau

As you will have seen, Auckland will remain at Level 4 for another 2 weeks.
Therefore it is vital that your child attends their class Google Meets each and every day.
Once again I will be on site Wednesday from 9am – 10:30am to distribute devices and hard learning packs. Feel free to come up to the school to collect what you need for your child. Please remember to follow our non-contact protocols.
A HUGE thanks to everyone who has contacted me and arranged for learning resources to be collected or dropped off. We have been able to distribute over 100 devices and over 100 hard learning packs.
You can contact me at chrish@glentatylor.school.nz or on 021478212.

Please help us ensure there is no Covid Drop-off at GTS by making sure your kids are attending their online meets.

Room 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10:
10:00am – 10:45am and
2:00pm – 2:45pm

Room 5, 6, 11, 12, 13
9:00am – 9:45am and
1:00pm – 1:45pm

Kia Kaha