School Info

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is open every day before school from 8:15.

It closes at 9 am. 

Everyone is welcome!

Enrolment Info

How to Enrol Your Child

To enrol your child simply come to school where the office staff will give you all the paperwork you need to complete.

It is very important that you bring along a Birth Certificate or Passport in order to enrol your child.

“When a five-year-old child is enrolled, or children from outside New Zealand are enrolled at school, it is a legal necessity to produce a Birth Certificate or Passport”

Please supply the school with:

  1. Telephone numbers of both parents.

  2. Address where a parent may be contacted.

  3. A friend’s telephone number or address so that a friend may be contacted.

This is important for your child’s safety!

Please notify the school if there is any change of 1, 2 or 3.

If you would like to organise a school visit for your child then please call the office to arrange a time and we will make sure you get a tour of the school led by one of our student leaders. The Principal or Deputy Principal will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Enrolment Scheme info for Whanau and School Community.

Kids after School

Welcome to our sKids Centre @ Glen Taylor, where the safety and care of your child is our number one priority. If you’re looking for a safe, structured and fun environment for your children then you’ve come to the right place.

It’s all about having lots of FUN and your kids will have so much fun at our sKids Centre that they won’t want to leave.

We’ll provide them with a nutritious afternoon tea, offer homework assistance,  arrange a variety of pre-planned activities that include Art & Craft, Music & Drama, Sports & Games, Technology & Cooking and lots and lots of FUN as well as plenty of time for free-play!!!  You can have peace of mind knowing that your child is safe, secure and having the time of their life.

We offer After School (2.45pm – 6.00pm), Before School (7.30am – 8.30am) and Holiday Programmes (7.30am – 6.00pm).

For more information about the programmes we offer please call into site.

For General Inquiries and Job vancancies, email:


All of our fees are based on your booking requirements with full time, part time and casual options available.

Please contact us directly for more information about fees.

All our programmes are OSCAR approved by the Ministry of Social Development and thus parents may be able to apply for Work and Income OSCAR subsidies towards the cost of their childcare. Eligible families could pay as little as $2.00 per day.

Come and visit us onsite to discuss your requirements.

Resource Teachers of Literacy

There are three Resource Teachers of Literacy based at the Glen Taylor School Literacy Centre.  Kate Pavarno, Jill Tyler and Anna Thompson.

We take referrals from 29 schools in the local area and provide short, intensive, supplementary support to those learners with the highest literacy needs across the cluster.

Our goal is for students to make and maintain accelerated progress and be able to work at or near the level of their peers so they can benefit from effective classroom teaching.

We work directly (one-on-one, or in small groups) or indirectly (by supporting and collaborating with the classroom teacher). Usually, we utilise a combination of approaches. We are able to provide up to approximately 45 sessions of support.

Likely to be accepted

  • The highest literacy needs across your school
  • Well below expectation in reading or writing
  • Have already received the school-based intervention
  • Ex Reading Recovery requiring further support

Unlikely to be accepted

  • Only 1-6 months below
  • Repeat referrals
  • Global delays affecting all curriculum areas
  • Funded ESOL students
  • School entry less than 12 months ago
  • Poor attendance
  • Behaviour problems
  • Year 7 or 8
  • Please email the referral form and scanned attachments to any of the RTLits or you can post them to 172 West Tamaki Road, Glendowie.1072. 

Email: or or

Please feel free to get in touch with any of us if you have any queries.  

Kind Regards Kate, Jill, Anna

School Uniform

Our school uniform can be purchased at the office.



                                                                 4-14                     S/M/L/XL

Polo Shirt – Short Sleeve                     25.00                       30.00

Polo Shirt – Long Sleeve                      30.00                       35.00

Polar Fleece Half Zip Jumper              45.00                       50.00

Pants                                                       35.00                      40.00

Cargo Shorts                                          35.00                      40.00

Hat                                                                                          15.00

The shorts and pants can be purchased elsewhere as long as they are navy blue.

Stationery Needs

The school stocks all stationery that will be needed in your child’s classroom.  Please ask your child to give any money to their classroom teacher in a named envelope or bag, who will then forward it with the stationery order to the office.

At the beginning of each year, a stationery list will be given to each child.  

Please name clearly with a permanent marking pen all:

Clothing, books, pens and pencils, gumboots, shoes, overcoats and raincoats, school bags, towels and togs.

If something is lost, please enquire immediately – come to the school, or phone the school office.

If something is brought home accidentally – please return it the next day.