Student Leaders

2020 Student Leaders

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Liston - Head Boy

Malo e lelei My Name is Liston. I am 12 years of age and I am the Head boy for Glen Taylor school for 2020. In my spare time I like to spend time with my family, play sports, listen to music and finish homework. My favorite subject is Maths because I like to solve problems and learn new ways to solve problems. I also enjoy it because it pushes me to a higher standard. Kaiahiku is the house I am in at the moment. Yellow is my house colour. Great leaders don’t STAND to be noticed but STAND to make a difference. Each one of us has the quality of a leader, respect, confidence, resilience or integrity. We all carry at least one of those values which makes us leaders. As Head Boy for 2020 I’ll be grateful and I’ll try my best to make our school better and entertaining, as well as helping and having a higher quality in being a role model to our young ones. I wish to leave Glen Taylor School with memories and good vibes!

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Annaleeze - Head Girl

Malo e Lelei My name is Annaleeze I am proud to say I'm the Head girl of 2020. Some hobbies of mine are that I enjoy is listen to music , finish off work , watch shows and movies , eat and hanging out with my friends and family. The Subjects I cherish more than others is Art and Reading. I'm not the best at them but I still really enjoy learning more and new things from these subjects . Getting the role of Head girl this year I will focus more on respect , confidence and positivity. Showing these values will be towards anyone and everyone as they are the main values I would like to use and show throughout the school. Showing the vision - confidence will not only help around the school it will also push me to step out of my comfort zone, learn to try different things and talk in front of bigger crowds of people Using these values will give a better outcome of the day or year and would lead the way to a fun year. Treating your peers the right way and with respect makes you earn the respect back. As I'm year 8 it is my last year of school after being here since year 0. My goal is to leave primary knowing that I've had fun and made the most of years here and to leave with positive vibes and memorable moments and memories.

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Cole - Deputy Head Boy

Talofa lava, kia ora My name is Cole. I am Glen Taylor's Deputy Head Boy for 2020. My hobbies are gaming, reading, dancing & sports. The subjects I prefer are maths and literacy. I'm definitely not the smartest at those subjects but throughout this year, as a role model, I’m going prove to myself and others that I can improve! Getting the opportunity to be the Deputy Head Boy is something I really dreamed of because I am the first ever head student in my family. By getting this role I'm going to show our school values and vision, which are FIRE & ACE. I will do this by being a role model, showing respect to other students & teachers, using confidence by talking to other students and being positive to others around the school. As head students we will try to make our school number one in Glen Innes and we will strive to be the best school in Auckland! We can make our school better if we think of plans to upgrade our school, being high quality leaders to all of our students at Glen Taylor School. We will all bring good vibes to our school and make our new students comfortable and welcome.

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Coree - Deputy Head Girl

Kia Ora, My Name Is Coree. I am 12 years of age and I am the Deputy Head girl of Glen Taylor School. In my spare time I like to draw or listen to music. My favourite subjects are most likely to be writing and maths although I may not be the best, I still try to have fun while doing it. I am a part of Taurere. The green house. As the Deputy Head girl of Glen Taylor School I will show that I have a positive behaviour and that I am a good role model for younger students. I will also try my best to set a good example for the school. As this is my last year at Glen Taylor I want it to be a memorable one. I also hope to make memories with everybody and create new friendships.