Student Leaders

2021 Student Leaders

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Benjamin - Head Boy

Malo e lelei, my name is Benjamin Kava and I am proud to say that I'm the Headboy for 2021. I love watching anime. I am a proud Tongan and I also play loads of Sports, not to mention that I am pretty talented at drawing too. Getting this role wasn't easy. It was like a puzzle at first but I solved it and the outcome was me becoming Headboy. I enjoy coming to school because GTS has positive vibes scattered around the school. Because of my role as a Headboy, I have gained the confidence to cooperate, lead and help other students and teachers at our school. I aim to be the best role model for our GTS aiga. Malo ‘aupito!

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Catherine - Head Girl

Malo e lelei and warm Pacific greetings to you all! My name is Catherine Anitoni and I am glad to say that I’m Head Girl for 2021 . I love listening to music, playing sports and reading some of my favorite books. The subject I cherish is Writing because I enjoy writing stories and learning about new words to insert into my stories. I also enjoy Art because I love being able to use my creative side and sharing my ideas in a different way. I believe that being a great leader is a person who takes care of one another and treats their peers the way they would like to be treated. Stay Safe, Kia kaha.

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Tali - Deputy Head Boy

Malo e lelei, Ko hoku hingoa ko Tali Philip Nimo. Ko eku ha’u mei VAIMALO , Vavau, mo Ma'ufanga Tongatapu and I am proud to say I'm the Deputy Head Boy for 2021 here at GTS. My hobbies are playing rugby, basketball and also I really enjoy coming to school everyday with a positive mindset. I love coming to school because it has the best vibes and also because we learn new and different things each day. I also love to see my friends every day and learn tika stuff that will help me when I’m older. For those that only come to school to play with friends, then you need to change your attitude. Trust me, you'll go far. One last thing, if you have someone you look up to don’t try to be like them, work harder and be better. Stay safe. Malo!!

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Faiana - Deputy Head Girl

Kia Orana,Mingalaba, Malo e lelei and many warm greetings to you all. My name is Faiana Ravenga Taulangovaka and I am pleased to announce and truly blessed that I am the Deputy Head girl for 2021 here at GTS. I enjoy cooking, performing arts, touch, rugby, rippa tag, dancing, netball, basketball and art. Here at GTS, We Grow and We Excel by showing FIRE and ACE. My number one supporters are my parents and Lord Jesus. I am really interested in learning new things each day and understanding what I do. Having this role a part of my life is a major step up for me and also great. To me, having a role doesn't mean to show off and act like you're the boss around here. But it means to show what everyone wants to see and to always remind yourself you have this role for a purpose. Leading by a good example not for the sake of having this title but to understand that everybody is different and unique in their own ways because that's the type of character I would want to leave here at GTS. To all those students that come to school to play with your friends and muck around, well just to let you know you are not at the right place. You come to school for a good reason which is to learn and make your family proud of all your achievements. Trust me: the harder you work the more great things will happen to you in life. Remember if you fall down I’m here to pick you back up and get you back up on your feet. BRING ON 2021!

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Antonio - Sports Captain

Talofa Lava and warm Pacific greetings to you all. My name is Antonio Falaniko and I am one of your Sports Captains for 2021. My favourite sport is Rugby, Basketball and Volleyball. My favourite subject in school is Art because when I am bored I draw a lot and share my thoughts in my drawing. I come from Samoa, I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. I like to help people and make sure everyone is happy. I am very happy to have this role because I love sports. It was a dream come true to be called as the Sports Captain for Glen Taylor School. Bring on 2021.

Student Leaders, Glen Taylor School

Jane - Sports Captain

Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei and many greetings to you all! My name is Jane Falefa and I am pleased to notify you that I am your Sport Captain for 2021. My favourite thing to do in my spare time is to play sports and to listen to music. I also like to do drawing when I'm with my cousins and when I am bored. My favourite subject is Reading and Maths because I can learn heaps of new things from it. I’m so thankful for this role because it allows me to show people that I have the confidence, that I’m reliable, I have honesty and lastly, I’m respectful. My goal this year is to be the best that I can be in all areas of school and leave GTS with a positive attitude. I am Jane, your Sport Captain for 2021.